Delmaine Hot & Spicy Pickled Onions

Crunchy onions pickled with whole chillies. The unique flavour of the Hot and Spicy onions works perfectly with a variety of food, including after dinner cheese with a Ploughman’s lunch, cold meats or straight from the jar! These onions pack an unexpected but appetising fiery kick and are a great new twist to the classic pickled onion flavour.

Delmaine Code: 03552
Size: 520g
Pack Size: 12
Country of Origin: India
Storage Conditions: Store cool and dry. Refrigerate after opening.
Best Before/Use By: Best Before
Unopened Shelf Life: 720
Open Shelf Life: NA
Cabinet Shelf Life: NA
Instructions for use: Ready to Use


Delmaine Hot & Spicy Pickled Onions
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