Q. What is the difference between black and green olives?
A. Green Olives are the unripe fruit of the olive tree and are firmer with a sharper flavour. Black olives are the ripe fruit and are more rounded in flavour and contain more oil.

Q. What is the white filmy stuff in my vinegar?
A. This odd looking material is called Mother of Vinegar and is a result of unfermented sugars in the vinegar. It is most often seen in vinegar that has been opened and then not used for an extended period of time of vinegar that has been stored near heat. It is harmless and can be filtered out or left in the bottle.

Q. Why can't I find a use by date on my mustard?
A. Some products, like mustard, vinegar and honey, last for more than three years from manufacture. Lines like this often do not have use by dates printed on the pack.

Q. Should pasta be rinsed after cooking?
A. Most pasta should not be rinsed after cooking. Years ago people rinsed pasta to remove excess starch from it, as poor-quality wheat flour pasta released too much starch and made it stick together. However pasta made with durum wheat semolina is much higher in quality and the starch that is released is just right for helping sauces stick to the pasta.

Q. Are pitted olives 100% free of pits or stones?
A. Olives, like cherries and other stone fruits, have a solid pit or stone in the middle of the product. These pits are removed prior to packing, through a rapid de-stoning machine process. Although every care is taken and thorough inspections are carried out, neither Delmaine nor our suppliers in Europe can 100% guarantee that these products will not include any pits or fragments of pits. Each product that may contain pits is sold with a warning on the label to this effect to protect consumers.

Q. While rinsing my canned chickpeas I have noticed a large amount of bubbles in the water. Is this normal?
A. Yes this is perfectly normal. When water is run over the outside of the chickpeas or beans it reacts with the starch on the outer layer of the vegetable and bubbles are the outcome.

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