Milkshake Syrups

Delmaine Industrial Food Solutions has a long history of producing and selling milkshake syrups through both branded and non branded lines. Currently we sell a retail range under the iconic 'The Longest Drink In Town' brand which is available through wholesalers in NZ and Kiwi shops in Australia. We also supply a number of housebrand products to wholesale partners as well as selected lines into three major restaurant chains. As well as milkshake flavourings we also produce slushy and smoothie bases.

We make over 30 different flavours of milkshake, slushy and smoothie syrup in either ready to use bottles or bulk formats for machine usage. Our in house research and development team has a huge amount of experience in developing new and unique flavours as one off products or to add to existing ranges. All of our products are made in modern facilities at our head office in Mt Wellington, Auckland.

Traditional liquid flavouring for milkshakes and thickshakes.
Slushy flavour bases
Smoothie flavour bases
Frappe flavours and syrups
Coffee syrups

Milkshake Syrups; Chocolate, Vanilla, Banana, Lime, Strawberry, Caramel, Creaming Soda, Raspberry, Spearmint, Orange, Mocha, Tropical, Double Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, Mango, Cookies & Cream, Hokey Pokey, Rum, Boysenberry
Slushie Syrups; Raspberry, Lime, Cola, Blue Lagoon, Mango, Strawberry, Kiwifruit, Orange
Smoothie Mix; Banana, Bananaberry, Strawberry, Mixed Berry, Mango, Kiwifruit, Feijoa, Wildberry