Savoury Sauces

Delmaine are a major supplier to the sauce category within supermarkets and wholesalers in New Zealand with a range of savoury sauces, fruit sauces, jellied sauces and chutneys & relishes. We are represented in all major sub segments and categories. We also make sauces under contract for other branded and non branded lines, including the famous Tuimato brand. The South Islands oldest sauce brand, Boss, as well as the internationally acclaimed Forage brand are also made by Delmaine.

We have two manufacturing sites with our Mt Wellington plant making a majority of sauces and our Manukau plant making chutneys and relishes. All of our sauces are made to our own in house developed formulas and using only quality ingredients. We also make a number of our own raw materials on site, like fresh mint concentrate and fruit peel. As contract manufacturers we also work closely with our trade partners to match or develop products that meet their requirements.

Savoury sauces
Tomato sauce
Mint sauce
Worcestershire sauce
Fruit sauces
Asian sauces
Sauce blends

Fruit Sauces; Apple, Plum, Apricot, Cranberry
Tomato Sauces; Tomato, Tomato with Chilli, Barbeque
Mint Sauces; Traditional Mint, Thick Mint
Worcestershire Sauces; Traditional Worcestershire, Spicy Worcestershire