Fresh Pasta Sauces and Pestos

Delmaine is New Zealand’s leading manufacturers of fresh pasta and pasta sauces. We manufacture a large range of fresh sauces for use in retail, wholesale and industrial applications. As well as tomato and cream based pasta sauces, we make a variety of pestos and chunky dips in a number of formats and sizes. We also manufacture housebrand and plain pack products for major customers both in NZ and overseas. We supply a number of Quick Service Restaraunts with sauces for pizza topping and pasta meals.

We have a modern packing system and four dedicated cooking vessels at our Manukau plant in South Auckland. We make a varied range of tomato sauces from a standard Pomodoro sauce to blended tomato and cream variants. Our cream sauces are made with fresh NZ cream and come in a number of unique recipes as well as the more traditional Alfredo and Carbonara styles. Dips and Pestos are made in a brand new purpose built plant in Mt Wellington and while most prdoucts are based on the traditional Basil recipe we make a wider range in most formats.

Tomato sauces
Cream sauces
Meat sauces
Chunky Dips

Pasta Sauce; Pomodoro, Marinara, Roast Garlic & Tomato, Sundried Tomato, Tomato & Cream, Tomato, Bacon & Chilli, Puntannesca, Ratatouille, Basilico, Arribiata (Spicy Tomato), Tomato & Mushroom, Bolognaise, Alfredo, Alfredo & Basil, Carbonara, Creamy Portobello, Spinach & Blue Cheese, Four Cheese, Salsa di Mare (Creamy Seafood), White Wine & Bacon, Sundried Tomato & Cream.
Pesto; Basil Pesto, Basil with Extra Parmesan Pesto, Coriander Pesto, Sundried Tomato Pesto, Roast Pepper Pesto, Spinach & Walnut Pesto, Wasabi and Waterchestnut Pesto, Olive Pesto, Pumpkin Pesto