Antipasto Mixes

Delmaine are New Zealand’s leading importer and supplier of olives, sundried tomatoes and other antipasto products. As the market leader in the category in NZ we are seen as the first point of contact for information and supply for this specialised category. As a result of our leadership we have also been asked to represent a number of Europe’s leading brands of olives in NZ. We also manufacture a wide range of antipasto mixes for use in serve over deli, restaurant and catering applications.

Our modern facility in Mt Wellington, Auckland, has two purpose built deli rooms for the processing and manufacture of antipasto mixes. Within these areas we develop a range of mixes and marinades to suit our own and other people’s requirements. Our research and development team is further bolstered in this area by our employing one of New Zealand’s acknowledged experts in this area.

Antipasto mixes
Olive mixes
Sundried tomatoes

Mixes; Mediterranean Mix, Antipasto Mix, Chargrilled Mix, Tuscan Mix, Greek Mix, Quattro Mix, Stuffed Olive Mix, Greek Olive Duet, Black & Green Olive Mix, Olives with Lemon, Olives with Herbs, Olives & Feta, Olive Grove Selection
Olives; Kalamata, Greek Black, Spanish Black, Sliced Black, Pitted Black, Whole Green, Green Stuffed with Pimento, Green Stuffed with Garlic, Green Stuffed with Feta, Green Stuffed with Almonds
Other Antipasti; Sundried Tomatoes, Sundried Tomatoes & Feta, Feta & Herbs, Capers, Caperberries, Gherkins, Cornichons, Artichokes, Peppers