Delmaine Pomodoro

Delmaine Pomodoro is a classic combination of olive oil, garlic and basil in rich tomato sauce. The ultimate performer in the kitchen it can be used in stews, soups, lasagne, pizza and the list goes on. It suits any pasta and can be used in most tomato based Italian dishes. Serving Suggestion - Makes pretty good Spaghetti Bolognaise...

Delmaine Code: 00334
Size: 325g
Pack Size: 6
Country of Origin: NZ
Storage Conditions: Refrigerate below 4°C
Best Before/Use By: Use By
Unopened Shelf Life: 60
Open Shelf Life: 3 days
Cabinet Shelf Life: NA
Instructions for use: Stovetop - Pour contents into saucepan, heat gently until simmering stirring occasionally. Microwave - Remove lid and foil. Replace lid loosely on top. Heat on High for 3-4 minutes stirring once during cooking. Rest for 1 minute


Delmaine Pomodoro
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