Delmaine Sundried Tomatoes in Oil

Delmaine Sundried tomatoes are ruby red in colour with a rich deep caramelized flavour. Premium Italian tomatoes are naturally sundried to concentrate the tomato taste and then marinated with garlic and herbs.?Ideal as an accompaniment to cold meats and cheese or any other antipasto style platter. Superb on pizzas, in breads or muffins. Perfect for dips, tapenades, salads, quiches and sandwiches.

Delmaine Code: 03924
Size: 500g
Pack Size: 12
Country of Origin: NZ
Storage Conditions: Store cool and dry. Refrigerate after opening.
Best Before/Use By: Best Before
Unopened Shelf Life: 270
Open Shelf Life: 21 Days
Cabinet Shelf Life: NA
Instructions for use: Ready to Use


Delmaine Sundried Tomatoes in Oil
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