Delmaine Carnaroli Rice

Known as the king of risotto rices, it?s large, firm grain makes it excellent at absorbing moisture, essential in making great risotto. This grain is also suited to salads, soups and stews as well.

Delmaine Code: 03836
Size: 500g
Pack Size: 12
Country of Origin: Italy
Storage Conditions: Store in cool dry place. Keep airtight after opening.
Best Before/Use By: Best Before
Unopened Shelf Life: 1095
Open Shelf Life: Up to Best Before if sealed
Cabinet Shelf Life: NA
Instructions for use: For every 100g of rice use 250ml water. Place water and rice in a heavy bottomed pot with a tight fitting lid. Bring the rice to the boil, place the lid on the pot and reduce to a simmer for 16-18 minutes.


Delmaine Carnaroli Rice
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