Delmaine Portobello Mushroom Grande Ravioli

Thinner pasta and more filling make Ravioli Grande the best in premium filled pasta. Portobello is filled with fresh Portobello mushrooms and Ricotta cheese with garlic and selected herbs. Serving Suggestion; Serve cooked pasta with crispy bacon strips, walnut pieces and Parmesan sauce.

Delmaine Code: 00278
Size: 300g
Pack Size: 6
Country of Origin: Made in NZ from imported and local ingredients
Storage Conditions: Keep sealed and below 4°C at all times, or can be frozen past use by, cook from frozen
Best Before/Use By: Use By
Unopened Shelf Life: 84
Open Shelf Life: 3 days
Cabinet Shelf Life: NA
Instructions for use: Add pasta to boiling water for 7-10 mins or until tender but firm to bite.


Delmaine Portobello Mushroom Grande Ravioli
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