Rosedale Cinnamon Fruit Loaf

Made fresh daily to a traditional Dutch recipe with over 35% fruit in every loaf, Rosedale fruit loaves all have a high fruit content which keeps the loaf fresh and moist for longer. While delicious just with butter and ideal for toasting, these loaves are also the perfect partners for jams and marmalades. Rosedale Cinnamon Loaf is a spicy loaf with the dark cinnamon taste countered by the light sweetness of sultanas.

Delmaine Code: 00131
Size: 450g
Pack Size: 8
Country of Origin: NZ
Storage Conditions: Store ambient. Store in airtight container once opened.
Best Before/Use By: Best Before
Unopened Shelf Life: 60
Open Shelf Life: Shelf life in airtight container
Cabinet Shelf Life: NA
Instructions for use: Ready to eat. Ideal for toasting and served with butter and jam or marmalade.


Rosedale Cinnamon Fruit Loaf
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